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Day One


Today's Thought:  Affirmations

Today's Practice:

This week is all about specific root chakra healing practices that you can take with you as you go throughout your day. Today we've got a few affirmations that can be repeated mentally. The power of mantras comes in the ability to point the thoughts along in a specific, positive direction. Where the thoughts go, energy goes. If the thoughts are along fearful, anxious, or depressed lines, that is the energy you send into the world, so it is the energy the universe gives back to you. That is why it is key to not think, for instance, "I wish I made more money," but to, instead, have a thought such as, "I am grateful for the prosperity I have received and I know that much more is headed my way."

In that spirit, here are several affirmations. You can choose a few to repeat in prayer, meditation, song, or even in simple thoughts throughout the day. Choose one or two which really resonate with you. The more power you feel in saying these words, the more energy travels to the root chakra to heal imbalances. 

  • It is safe for me to be here.

  • The earth supports me and meets my needs.

  • I love my body and trust its wisdom. 

  • I am immersed in abundance.

  • I am here and I'm real. 

  • I am a divine being of light and I am peaceful, protected, and secure

  • I am grounded. 

  • I am financially secure.

  • I have sufficient for my needs.

  • Money flows to me.

  • My peace is like a river.

  • The universe will provide for me.

  • I am always supported and shown the next steps to take.

  • It is my birthright to receive support in all forms. 

  • I claim good health.

  • I claim a healthy body. 

  • I claim abundance. 

  • My needs are always met.

  • I am anchored and connected to Mother Earth.

Day Two


Today's Thought:  Seed Sound

Today's Practice:

Each chakra has a seed sound. You can imagine that the chakras each vibrate at a certain frequency like a tuning fork. As we previously talked about, each chakra has a specific color--red being the color of the root chakra. What we know from modern science is that colors are light vibrating at a certain frequency. Just as red is the lowest frequency of the colors, the seed sound of the root chakra has to reach very far from the throat (the source of the vibrations) to travel to the base of the spine. Just as wearing the color red can strengthen and heal the root chakra, repeating the seed sound is another way to bring it into balance. 

The seed sound for the root chakra is the Sanskrit word LAM. Certain words in Sanskrit are said to have immense power when used as a mantra. For instance, the word "OM" is said to be the word that started the process of creation. This supports the biblical text in John 1:1 attesting that "in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." The Sanskrit word mantra consists of the roots man, meaning "to think," and tra, meaning "tools or instruments." Thus, a mantra is an instrument of thought. 

When you speak or even think the word LAM, you resonate with the energy of that chakra. This helps you come to an awareness instinctually of the body and its needs. 

Day Three


Today's Thought:  Early Relationships

Today's Practice:

Early relationships help the root chakra begin to develop when we're really young. It is through relationships that we come to develop certain beliefs about the world. Ultimately, these relationships help us develop a sense of trust or mistrust in everything around us. From an extremely early age, our subconscious is collecting information and storing it in the body to prepare us to meet the world we are born into. As we don't remember the first year of our life, it can be a long process to release this stored information. 

At such an early age, we can't tell the difference between the "reality" of the situation and the meaning we associate to it including through feelings. However, all meaning exists only in our mind. We act in such a way that we become successful or unsuccessful based largely on our beliefs, even those formed extremely early in life. When these experiences eventually turn into the subconscious belief that life is hard, others can't be trusted, I never get what I want, and I'm not good enough, then this sets us up for life experiences that reinforce that belief to us. 

Know that the release of these subconscious thoughts is possible but that it often takes patience. The body can only take so much clearing at once before it needs time to process. Frequently, when old beliefs are cleared, the subconscious will be searching for the evidence of the new belief you're planting. In this, repetition of root chakra affirmations can be extremely helpful!

Day Four


Today's Thought:  Bioenergetic Grounding

Today's Practice:

The electrical sockets on our walls have a wire for the purpose of grounding to prevent overheating and the possibility of electric shock. In a similar manner, we can learn to ground into our earth energetically to help us to be able to release energetic buildup which could otherwise cause us harm. 

This is a tool that can be used at any point in time. In order to access the ability to ground, one simply needs to come into his or her body and imagine sending a stream of energy down into the ground. This can be done when you need to get rid of anger and negative energy but also it can be used when things are going well. The beauty of the process is that in sending energy downward, the earth reconnects and sends us a stream back of an even more pure vitality. Much like in the case of frequently changing out the water in a fish tank, this serves to give us an energy which is more fresh and pure. 

Now at this point in the discussion, it would be a good idea to bring up the point that what we eat is extremely important. Everything is an energy exchange. Yes, eating is important. Yes, we should find balance to not eat too much or too little. Perhaps even more key, though, is the quality of the food we allow our body to process. We could eat deep fried cookies all day and have more than enough calories to live. However, as we add more healthy ingredients into our diet (especially plants based products), the energy we feel inside of us will begin to take on a richer quality. This type of energy sustains us longer and just

plain feels better.

When we incorporate both an improved diet as well as grounding techniques into our lives, we are able to be filled with much more abundance. Eventually this grows to the point where we longer allow negative energy to be a part of us at all.

Day  Five


Today's Thought:  Work on the Feet

Today's Practice:

I've loved to dance and move since I was young. In college, my minor was Dance (with modern dance being my absolute favorite style) and I'm now a yogi. Thus, in my very job now and through various parts of growing up, I'd enter a building and immediately take my shoes off. This is as natural to me as putting a sweater on when you're cold.


Because of this background, it came as a surprise to me when I first learned that sometimes others feel much more awkward about walking around barefoot even in their own homes. Though there is nothing intrinsically wrong with that, I do believe that the root chakra can build a wall around it when our feet, our very roots, never get to come into contact with the ground. There may be some people who just want to keep their feet clean and that is why the idea of going barefoot may seem preposterous. If that thought arises, you can choose to change it. Instead, simply see it as a chance you had to deepen your roots!

I encourage you to try an experiment today. Try just standing somewhere safe and comfortable with your shoes off. Close your eyes and for a minimum of one minute, feel your your feet make subtle adjustments to keep you upright. Make sure to not knock your knees, which is a passive stance. Instead, lower your center of gravity slightly, feeling the alertness of the body. When you feel this, congratulate yourself! You just felt your roots. 

There are many other exercises we can do on our feet including rolling them out on a tennis ball. Important energetic changes begin to occur as we become more open and loving we feel about our feet. There is a reason why the concepts of "take a stand," "to put one's foot down," "to refuse to stand for something," "to withstand," and "to understand" all have a similar root word in common. When we grow more connected with our feet, these concepts become a natural part of us. 

Day  Six


Today's Thought:  Affirm the Physical

Today's Practice:

The first chakra is all about our relationship with the physical world. When the root becomes damaged, so too may our connection with all things physical. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Do you ever notice the change in breath when you have a sudden change in emotion (such as anger)?

  • Would you believe it if I were to say, "every feeling has a physical sensation"?

  • Have you ever felt your shoulders get tense in the moment or do you only ever experience it as waking up with sore shoulders?

  • How comfortable are you with the hugs and the physical touch of those you love?

  • Do you feel the energy being pumped through the body, developing strength as you exercise?

  • Can you feel the release of your body armor when you receive massages?

If you have experienced many of these statements, you probably are connected strongly to your physical body. If not, don't despair! Begin to pay attention to the physical sensations you experience all throughout the day. Begin by noticing shifts from one feeling or emotion to another (such as a new emotion or suddenly feeling tired). From there, work on noticing the breath. These are two great steps to begin exploring the wonder of sensations all around us!

Day Seven


Today's Thought:  Conclusion

Today's Practice:

To review some of the most important concepts of the month, the root chakra deals with many important issues having to do with our early relationship with the world and with others. If the root chakra forms properly, the person in question feels safe, protected, nurtured, and secure in regards to food, shelter, safety, and family. When there are any issues in these regards, the root chakra may grow deficient or excessive in various ways. This can lead to insecurities with food, money, boundaries, and more. Since the root chakra develops at such an early age, we may not even realize that the root chakra may be subconsciously guiding our tendencies. 

There are many ways to heal the root chakra. Yoga, breathing, and meditation help to get energy in the body moving which can be extremely beneficial in healing. Art is another way to help bring awareness of tendencies of the subconscious. Wearing red, repeating the seed sound LAM, affirming the physical, and grounding our energy are all practices which will lead to bringing this chakra into balance. 


In conclusion, this has been a great month for learning and growing! Congrats if you stick with your habit of the month the entire time! You now have a habit which will help the root chakra to continue to heal and grow daily. Know that you can revisit these daily thoughts and practices anytime you wish. In fact, you can even complete the whole month again now or in the future!