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Just Breathe!

There is no denying it, the holiday season is thick upon us. It’s easy to get overwhelmed; lost in the constant communication and preparations. Therefore, it may be nice to remind yourself that you do, in fact, possess the greatest tool capable of getting you through these times. This tool is your breath, the life source.

You may have noticed, that yoga teachers are constantly directing their students to connect with the breath; harness it and use it as the stable foundation on which to build their practice. This is indeed the key to making it through the tough times, on and off the mat. When one focuses on the breath, the healing begins to happen from the inside-out. We begin to become present, calm, and aware of the body and its needs.

This awareness, this presence in ourselves, is what eventually leads our constant firing minds, into quiet calmness. By simply taking a moment, to start your breath cycle over with intention, you have the power to find calm, quiet, and optimism. So try it out. Take a moment to breathe with intention. Focus on the breath as it expands and fills the body, and allow yourself to become soft as it leaves. Make each second of your breath one of awareness and acceptance. As long as you continue to breathe evenly and with intention, you truly can take on the world.

A Simple Breath Technique to Aid in the Tough Times

  • Inhale through the nose for 4 counts. Focus on bringing the air into the belly first, allowing that to fill and expand upward reaching into the middle ribs and then the upper chest.

  • Pause and hold for 4 counts.

  • Exhale through the nose for 4 counts. Focus on releasing the breath first from the upper chest, then the middle ribs, and finally allowing the tummy to contract inward as the breath leaves the body entirely.

  • Pause and hold for 4 counts.

  • Repeat, starting with the inhale.

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