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Thoughts on Life and Authenticity

Most Hatha Yoga I experience being practiced in studios today has gone so far from its home that I'm not sure it will ever find its way back. I'm referring to how "achievement" based the practice has become; how externalized the focus of the intent to practice. This line of thinking has led me to question the path my life has taken.

The main question I have had to recently ask myself is this: If I had a week to live would I spend it doing what I'm currently doing? For the most part we do not ask ourselves this question as it's too scary to answer. If the answer is "no," then we either need to take on the personal challenges to change our circumstance or remain an emotional zombie wandering through life, hoping to stumble upon happiness.

In my opinion, written into the very fabric of the American Constitution is a recipe for a life of discontentment. To be brought up in the conditioning that all men and women have a "right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." For starters, if you believe you have a right to be alive than you are already on the road to suffering. You cannot feel that life is a precious gift while at the same time something you are entitled to, like it's owed to you. Things we feel "entitled" to are NOT what we appreciate. Although, once we are in the circumstance of being alive I do embrace the core value that all people (not just Americans) have is the right of total freedom: to live, love, and express themselves however they choose.

I'm not going to get into the dysfunctional and unevolved thinking that you can achieve happiness through any particular "Pursuit". I'll just say that in my life experience, happiness has never been somewhere down the road lying in waiting for me. However, happiness does seem to occur quite spontaneously and naturally when I am living and being authentic, which all paths of yoga open the gate towards.

Thus, when next you are stepping onto a yoga mat I recommend doing so with the intent to fully embrace the beauty of your unconditioned true nature. Forget about every yoga class you've ever been to and every posture you've done. As a great teacher once spoke to me, "your life is a mystery to be experienced and not a riddle to be solved." Allow your practice to become a celebration of the opportunity to be your most authentic and beautiful self. Be patient and loving towards yourself in your practice of yoga allowing your breath to become the guru that guides you inward.

On Nama'

Post Note: We are grateful to Sage for all the efforts he has put into growing the studio and growing the bi-monthly Laughter Yoga Wellness Group. Sage has recently made the decision to move back to Washington. As such, July 2nd, 2017 will be his last Laughter Yoga Wellness Group at Yoga Art Space at 3-4pm. We hope you will make the effort to celebrate this last Sunday gathering with him!

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