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Turning "Awesome" into a Tidal Wave of Positivity!

Has it ever occurred to you why the catchphrase "AWESOME" has grown to be so commonplace in our language these days? It's not just an American thing either. Across the seas in foreign tongues people are saying, "Wow! That's awesome!" Even if they're just referring to a frozen pizza!

It's because we tend to verbalize IE intellectualize those things that are absent in the heart. That's why it comes so natural for us in common language to say, "I love this" or "I love that" even though we may just be referring to a television show. So, when was the last time you truly and intensely felt real love..?

We talk a lot about what we would "like" to be feeling; about that which is actually not currently present in the situation.

For a child, it is perfectly natural to perceive the world with a real sense of wonder and awe. Unfortunately, during the course of our lives, we often encounter the conflict and strife of making a living and paying bills or even just the daily commute to and from work. We tend to develop a "cushioning" of our sensitivity to the life we are living which may cause a sense of depressed feelings towards those experiences that once naturally brought us joy.

Thus, it is valuable and even essential to set time aside time to specifically exercise our inner nature to feel unconditional joy within our hearts. We can reawaken to a sense of wonder towards life so that we don't just look at a tree and say, "Wow! That's awesome!" Instead, we feel the tree and it's awesomeness and bypass the need to intellectualize the experience in words.

This, my friends, is what setting the time aside for laughter is for. Yogic laughter is specifically done consciously and with sensitivity in the moment. We open the heart unconditionally in this way which opens a lot of new perspectives within. It's about reconnecting with the present moment experience of the beauty that is within us.

It is my hope that we may together generate a tidal wave of POSITIVITY within our hearts to nurture our spirits and uplift the consciousness of the community which we are apart of in creating each day!

See you soon,

With love and gratitude,


Mark your calendar! Sage, our former Laugher Yoga teacher, will be returning to Yoga Art Space on Sunday, October 1st from 3-4pm. As always, our laughter yoga class is donation based. We'll see you there in a few weeks!

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