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Stages of Growth

Autumn is coming on more fully every single day and the leaves are turning colors all around us. One of the energies of autumn is the harvesting of the fruits of the labor for the year in preparation for the more reflective winter seasons to come. In this spirit, I'd love to announce a few of the stages of growth we are getting close to harvesting at Yoga Art Space (with the some aspects still being a seed to plant and cultivate next season).

Stage 1

This is our stage of continual upkeep, advertising, and efforts to provide the best quality of teaching and service to the yoga community. Paramount to this success of this step is the development of the Yoga Teacher Training School that we will be opening up in the studio around late summer in 2018 (message me if you're interested in this unique healing program so that I can keep you updated on how the preparations for this are progressing). With this stage, we also hope to bring some updates to the kid’s room and to begin painting murals in the various areas of the studio-- the front area, the studio itself, and perhaps even the bathrooms and cafe.

Stage 2

This stage all about growth and expansion. We’ve been able to be lucky enough to have wonderful neighbors, but life changes have happened and they’ll be closing their doors later this year. In this stage of growth, we hope to be able to expand into their beautiful space with raised wooden floor. With this additional space, we’ll be able to offer multiple classes at the same time. Likewise, we’ll have the opportunity to expand our variety of classes. We will add additional yoga classes and I hope to be able to start offering some dance classes--perhaps ballroom, ballet, hip hop, and maybe even flamenco. We’ll be able to expand and offer kung fu, qi gong, tai chi, and even fun classes such as zumba or jazzercise. We also hope to eventually add in an aerial yoga program at Yoga Art Space where we can practice yoga in aerial hammocks, experiencing a creative new relationship with gravity.

Stage 3

Here we hope to be able to build this space into a true community space. I envision this being a place open from morning until evening. People can take classes with us and then stick around in the front space to have a peaceful place to work on their personal creative projects whether that be painting, drawing, writing, etc. We’ve got several school very close to us including a high school just around the block. I’d love for these high school students to be able to come for a class and have a safe place to stick around for homework. It would make me so happy to be able to have special community nights where we could do everything from karaoke and poetry reading nights to book clubs and paint nights to so much more. I believe that the biggest key to being able to grow the community space is growing the cafe area of the studio. I’d love to be able to have offerings of healthy foods and it would make me so happy to be able to purchase a frozen yogurt machine or two! The growth of this part of the studio would also include updating the front area to optimize the space and create a creative and uplifting environment.

I hope you're just as excited about our growth as we are! We'll keep you updated on these changes via Facebook posts and studio emails. If you'd wish to contribute to help these stages occur faster, we're creating an 8 Month Long Chakra Healing Program which you can purchase through our GoFundMe page to help fund these stages of growth. Check out this video to learn more and then click on the GoFundMe page at:

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