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Anxiety, Stress and Surrendering to the Journey

This Journey of life is a brief visit to our body our emotions and this earth. We get caught up in this idea that we must make something of ourselves or achieve great things in our life but is this true or are we creating more suffering for ourselves? We spend so much time focusing or worrying about the future that it can easily manifest as stress and anxiety. Anxiety is our mental and physical state of being getting stuck in the future. Emotions are so powerful that they can create pain and illness in our bodies. A great teacher once said pain is short term but suffering is when we hold onto that story and retell it over and over.

Have you ever caught yourself talking about something that gives you pain? The way that story holds energy is by our retelling it over and over. This retelling can be in story form to another person or just telling that story to yourself again and again. There is research that reports the studies of Prayer being used and positively affects a person as far away as a different continent. So that being said how powerful are your thoughts, words and intentions that you say to yourself each day.

We are able to empower so many ideas in our short stay in this body but so often we get stuck empowering those ideas and sensations we don’t want in our lives. So this reliving our pain and stress and traumas takes a toll on our whole physical and energetic being. So often we keep ourselves so busy that we can not hear what our body is trying to say to us. When we finally slow down it is our body releasing all that has been built up. We often get a cold or injure ourselves and it isn’t until then that we actually can see how fast we were going. The Buddhist saying for busyness is laziness. Society tells us work hard and get all the things you want in life. The problem is how much is enough? The house needs to be bigger the car better and of course the new updated version of your Iphone. How many different jackets and shoes do you fill you closet with? This can be said of our experiences and emotions in life. We think oh if I take that trip or get that perfect relationship I will be happy. Well life keeps giving us experiences and the emotions that we decide to hold onto just like our closets that are so full or that we have the option to purge and be less weighted down with in the end.

This time is known as the Aquarian age which is the information age. If you look at technology and how everything is going faster and faster it brings reality to all of this information. The challenge is that we must bring equilibrium to match the inner information with the outer information. This balance can begin to be found through mindfulness and meditation.

Techniques to bring yourself into balance

1. 4x4 Breathing

Breath in your nose for 4 seconds and then exhale out of the mouth for 4 seconds

5 Rounds of Inhales and Exhales

2. Figure 8s with the head- Balances cerebral fluid

Move the head in one direction tracing a figure 8 with your nose then switch to the opposite direction

2 Minutes Total

3. Shoulder shrugs- Balances hormones

Squeeze shoulders up to the ears as you inhale and let the shoulders fall passively down as you exhale.

3 Minutes Total

4. Motorboat noises with the lips- Relaxes the jaw and face

2 minutes Total

5. Smile- Relaxes the entire face

Do this for 1 minute even if you don’t feel like it!

Just this simple practice releases feel good endorphins in the body

6. Breath Meditation-

Focus on your inhale and exhale for 3 minutes.

Eyes can be open or closed .

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