Put What In My Coffee??

For a long time I kept hearing people tell me they put fat in their coffee, because it was “really good for you.” When I asked them why, very few could actually give me a good answer. This lead me to think they are just following the newest trend. Feeling resistant to a trendy society, I didn't even want to be open to understand this concept. All my life I was told that fat is not good for you, it causes cholesterol to rise, makes you gain weight, and it plays a roll in cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer. So, why would I put fat in my beloved morning coffee? It is perfect as is, with just a splash of almond milk. The more I continued to hear about this trend, the more I start

Be A Voice, Not An Echo

"Be a voice, not an echo" ~Albert Einstein Simple ways to stop comparing yourself to others and appreciate the real, quirky, beautiful, magical person that you are! With the beginning of a new year, many of us are embarking on new goals and aspirations. Such new opportunities for growth will inevitably bring challenges. One of the greatest of those challenges that so many of us struggle with is the tendency to compare ourselves with others. Comparing ourselves to others is a natural and inherited instinct, evolved to help us quickly analyze others to see how similar they are to us and to ultimately decide whether or not they are a threat to our survival. This ability served us when we were

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