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Aerial Yoga!
Available At Our Studio

Does my Membership include Aerial Yoga?

Yes! Students will be able to attend all aerial yoga classes under the same membership options (explained here) including our Unlimited Class Monthly Plans, our 10 Class passes, our Drop-In options, and even our New Student Special (the first 3 classes at the studio for only $30+tax). 

All aerial yoga classes (as well as all classes and workshops) require registration prior to the class. We recommend pre-registering at least 1 day prior to class as aerial yoga classes without any pre-registrations may be cancelled 6-12 hours in advance. Pre-registration makes sure that you reserve your hammock as there are only 15 hammocks available per class. Likewise, it ensures that an appropriate difficulty level is planned for those who attend the class and also helps us know how many hammocks to set up for class. If an aerial class is ever cancelled, the online calendar will reflect those changes. 

A few additional notes: ​​

  • If you don't preregister and you still come to the studio, you will be allowed in if there are still hammocks available, but please preregister to make sure the class can begin on time (it would be difficult to suddenly have to set up an additional 5 hammocks, for instance). 

  • If the class is full and you reserve a hammock but are unable to attend,1 class credit will be deducted. This is because you may have taken up the space of someone who wished to attend. If the class doesn't fill up, no class will be deducted. If there is an extenuating circumstance that prevented you from coming (such as a car accident or an emergency hospitalization), we are reasonable and will refund the credit. Contact us within 24 hours if at all possible and we will take care of the refund. Similarly, if you pre-register and you're the only student pre-registered, 1 class credit will be deducted for the no-show.

  • You can de-register up until 2 hours before the class. After that point, you'll need to contact us personally to let us know of a cancellation. Please email us at or shoot us a text message at 505-310-7457 to cancel your registration

  • If no one happens to register for a class on a given day, that class will be cancelled around 6-12 hours prior to the class (the same policy for workshops). Registration is required! The Calendar of Classes will reflect any such cancellations. 

What is Aerial yoga?

Aerial Yoga is a hybrid form of yoga that allows students to practice traditional yoga postures with a silk fabric hammock. One of the major advantages of aerial yoga is that it makes inversions much more accessible than in a regular yoga class, enabling more people to receive the benefits to the cardiovascular, skeletal, digestive, nervous, and endocrine systems. Since it gives us something to hold onto, balance can be strengthened in a safe way. With the fabric gently supporting the joints, great leaps are able to be made in flexibility to relieve stiffness. Many poses work to strengthen the upper body and the core. Trust is built by placing our weight into something outside of ourselves. Some poses even give pressure to the muscles, providing a progressively deeper opportunity to loosen and massage muscular tension. Besides all of this, it is just plain fun to be doing yoga while in a hammock!

Do I need Previous Yoga Experience?

No previous yoga experience is not necessary to enjoy an Aerial yoga class. In fact it can be easier than normal yoga! The silk hammock acts like a support whenever you require it, almost like having your own personal yoga teacher giving you assistance throughout the entire yoga class! Another advantage of having the support of the hammock is that many students are able to complete more challenging poses, such as handstands!

Can Everybody do Aerial Yoga?

Yes and no. Students who have had a previous injury can find Aerial yoga much easier to participate in then normal yoga. This is due to the the weight being evenly distributed between your body, the hammock and the earth.


People who suffer any of following contraindications are advised NOT to participate in an Aerial yoga class: if you have had recent surgery of any sort, if you suffer glaucoma, if you are pregnant, if you suffer a heart condition (including very high or low blow pressure), if you get vertigo, if you have had a recent stroke or a hernia, if you have osteoporosis or any bone weakness, if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, or if you have had botox in the last six hours.

Finally, because of coverage rules of our insurance carrier, minors under 16 will not be allowed to join in on aerial yoga classes. 

What Should I Wear?

All jewelry items must be removed before participating, a t-shirt must be worn to cover the armpit area and leggings are advised to avoid the silk rubbing on the skin and creating irritation. Please have clean feet or, alternatively, bring a pair of socks with you. Though socks are not required, they can be helpful while inside the fabric to glide the feet around more easily. 

How Do I Sign Up?

You can pre-register for your aerial class on our calendar here. We'll see you soon!

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