50 Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Aerial yoga is a playful style of yoga that brings people back to the adventures they had both upright and upside down in childhood. This is a powerful form of yoga that can help relieve back pain, provide tremendous support for balancing postures, and can allow core and arm strength to be gained very rapidly. This program includes fundamental philosophical principles of yoga, techniques, cuing tips, basics of anatomy and physiology as well as subtle anatomy/chakras, and benefits/therapeutic applications of each pose. It is a perfect way to get additional training for yoga teachers who wish to deepen their education or for people who wish to teach aerial yoga classes exclusively.

Additional Perks

  • Attendees of this certificate program are automatically credited with a 10 class package at the studio to cover the required attendance at 10 aerial yoga classes in the program. 

  • As it is highly recommended to continue to practice and hone aerial yoga skills, students may choose to receive 25% discount on membership at Yoga Art Space for an additional year following completion of training for attendance at all studio classes.

  • Placement to teach and/or sub at Yoga Art Space following completion of training is highly likely for those that desire it. Teachers have additional benefits at the studio.



The 50 hours required in this training consists of gathering for eight separate 5 hour sessions spanning across approximately 2 months. These times consist of philosophical discussion and hands-on instruction. The remaining 10 hours consist of required attendance to a minimum of 10 classroom hours during regular weekly classes at Yoga Art Space. Following completion of 50 hours, instructors may test immediately or continue to take classes and practice skills for up to one year prior to testing.


Projected dates for the next program are: Every Saturday from September 4th through October 23rd (2021) at the Yoga Art Space studio from 10:30am- 4pm (with an approximately 30 minute lunch break). Some dates may be up for discussion if multiple students have conflicts arise such as dates close to holidays. Attendance at all classes is required to meet the 50 hours. Recordings of classes may be made for missed attendances, and additional written assignments will be required to ensure understanding of all material



aerial straddle back.png

Payment for this training can be done as either: 

Option 1: Break the payments into four monthly installments of $250 (+tax). The first installment is due by the first session.


Option 2: Students can pay the fees for the entire training upfront. Under this option, students receive a 10% discount and total cost of the training comes to $900+tax. To choose this option, the student must make the entire payment on the day of the first training session. 


All payments must be completed and the account cleared in order for the graduate of this program to receive his/her aerial yoga teacher training certificate. Occasionally, other payment systems may be created according to individual needs. 

Interested in this program? Email us at yogaartspace@gmail.com and we'll send you our application packet!

Applications due by August 21st