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Excited to experience yoga, meditation, aerial yoga, and more right here in Albuquerque? 

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New Student Special

Students new to our studio can receive the

First 30 Days with us for only $30!! This first month with us will give you many chances to find your favorite classes and instructors while helping you learn how the studio best fits in your life!

Additional Perks of the New Student Special:

  • Unlimited access to any regular weekly classes at our studio included in this $30 price

  • Receive a free class pass to give to a friend who have never been to our studio (contact us ahead of time to redeem and register them).

  • BONUS: If you sign up for an unlimited monthly autopay plan while still in these first 30 days, your membership will be discounted by $10! Once your 30 days expire, this deal will no longer be redeemable. 

Membership Perks

  • You are free to attend as many classes listed on our schedule as your schedule allows. Unlimited classes really means unlimited classes to us!

  • Some of our monthly workshops cost "1 Credit." With a membership, these classes are free to you!

  • You can receive one free private yoga lesson once per year with Whitney. These lessons can help you achieve your personal goals! Simply contact Whitney to schedule your appointment!

Price Options

The perks above apply to any membership labeled "monthly unlimited autopay." The prices of the memberships are:

Single Person Monthly Unlimited Autopay: $100 per month

Group of Two Monthly Unlimited Autopay: $85 per month (per person)

Group of Four Monthly Unlimited Autopay: $80 per month (per person)

College Student Monthly Unlimited Autopay: $75 per month (Must be enrolled in at least 9 credit hours. Bring in your Student ID and your schedule as proof each semester.)


 You can claim 10% per person off any of the options above by signing up for your membership before the 30 days of your New Student Special expires


You can claim an additional 10% off of classes and memberships if you bring in proof that you are a military personnel, a fire fighter, a police officer, an educator, or a senior citizen (age 60+).


We do have two additional ways to join classes without autopay. These options come with none of the perks listed above. These are most commonly used by our customers from out of town or those who can only attend one class per week. These options are:


$15 Drop-In price per class or a 10 class pack for $120.

This chart shows the cost per class depending on how frequently you attend. When you attend at least 2-3 classes per week, the unlimited monthly memberships make your total monthly cost significantly cheaper. 

Referral Program

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