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Studio Updates

Coming September 2024

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Studio Updates

Changes Ahead

To my many students, Yoga Art Space has been proud to be serving the Albuquerque community since 2016 and we look forwarding to continuing to serve in broader, albeit different ways!

The AUM mantra frequently chanted at the beginning or ending of yoga classes symbolizes the cycle of life. The A represents birth/the beginning/creation. The U represents the vital/the living/the sustaining, The M represents the ending/completion/destruction. I feel like I'm living a quickened version of the AUM cycle in my own life right now. A- I'm pregnant and preparing for welcoming a new life in a beautiful way. U- I'm sustaining a great early childhood for the wonderful kiddo I have. M- I have things that are asking to be released from my life right now. 

As I transition closer to labor and the postnatal time with a newborn, I find myself in a place where I'm really wanting to honor the postpartum period in a way I didn't last time. To me at this time, part of that means releasing the running and managing of a physical studio that requires my constant attention to clean, manage changing teacher schedules and student expectations, marketing, accounting, etc all on top of my working another full time job to support my family and trying to be the best mom possible. Thinking of going into the newborn phase again with all that responsibility and likely needing to return to presence at the studio in a month or two instead of giving myself 6-12 months or however long we need before teaching again just sounds like more on my plate than I'm fully able to give energy to right now.


As I considered wrapping up my responsibility, my biggest goal was to find a win-win-win for myself, the teachers, the students, and the studio. I believe I've found that. We've had a ballroom dance teacher at the studio, Joseph Chavez, who had been renting the studio space in the off hours of the studio for at least 5 or 6 years. He's grown to love the space as much as we have over the years. Starting Sep 1st, the plan is for him to take over the studio lease. This is a win for the studio because it will continue to be open (under a new name) under the huge passion and enthusiasm of someone who has the time and energy to put into it to help it grow. It is a win for teachers because they can keep teaching at the studio and even grow more classes if desired. It is a win for students because they will have access to an expanded schedule. Joseph's vision is to have an active public and private teaching schedule from 6am-9pm daily. This will give students access to a variety of dance classes in addition to yoga that the studio offered previously. Joseph wants it to feel like myself, the teachers, and the students are welcome and at home still.


Please read on to the FAQs below to explain what this mean for students and the studio as the physical version of Yoga Art Space, itself. will be wrapping up in the next 3 months. Note that updates will be added to this page as we continue to progress towards these directions.

With Love, Whitney

How will Yoga Art Space Continue?

We intend to maintain Yoga Art Space's virtual presence. We, the teachers, are currently discussing exactly what that schedule may look like. It will likely include some or all of the following:


  • Weekly virtual classes over Zoom

  • Monthly virtual classes/workshops over Zoom

  • Pre-recorded special courses or trainings that can be purchased online

  • Continued growth of the Yoga Art Space YouTube Channel (

  • Possible creation of a podcast and/or blog efforts, and more!


Likewise, I see hosting retreats as a definite possibility in the future, among other beautiful possibilities. In person events will likewise be inevitable to gather together as a community in the future!

Whitney is also a birth doula in addition to being in the middle of a birthkeeper/midwifery training. This is intended to give women who wish for autonomous birth at home access to a knowledgeable, wise woman who will support the physiology of birth and the choices of the mother. This "Birth, Breath, and Beyond" portion of Yoga Art Space will continue to grow over the next several years!

If you wish for doula/birthkeeper support or if you are particularly interested in some of the aforementioned aspects of the studio, please contact us! We want to hear how we can best serve you!

Money Questions

As the physical studio is wrapping up on August 31,2024 and will be under new management and under a new name, we want to minimize confusion with the transition. Therefore, we are implementing the following changes:

  • Since the New Student Special (discounted rate for the first three classes with us) has a 90 day expiration date, this option has already been hidden from additional purchases for the next few months. That will help mitigate frustration and ensure that we can uphold our end of the deal!

  • Students may choose to maintain memberships through August. We will will cancel autopayments prior to the August renewal date. Through the finish of August, we recommend drop-in class passes for any additional classes desired.

  • Any studio credits or class passes remaining on a student's account will continue to be valid for use in future Yoga Art Space virtual classes and events. If you believe you only wish to attend in person classes, please be mindful of when you make 10 class pass purchases so that you can use them all up before September 1, 2024. Yoga Art Space passes will not be transferrable to Joseph Chavez' schedule. As per the usual policy, no refunds are issued. Therefore, we recommend drop-in class payments if you're in doubt about how many additional classes you'll need.

What about the Physical Location?

Starting on September 1st, 2024, the studio address at 8338 Comanche Rd NE will be under the direction of Joseph Chavez of Body's Emotion Dance. You can check out his website and reach out to him to ask questions via the "Contact Us" portion of his website. His website can be reached here.

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