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Lotus Flower


Learn from the body's wisdom, trust it, nourish it, move it. Be healthy and watch your life transform


Yoga Classes

Yoga is your cells dancing with the music of your breath to create inner harmony, serenity, and connection. With a wide array of class offerings, we have something for everyone. View the studio calendar to see how the studio can fit into your life.


Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is one of the things that sets our studio apart from others. Aerial yoga has tremendous benefits to all organ systems of the body. It can provide back relief to compressed vertebrae and it is known to improve balance and overall flexibility. Plus it is tremendously fun!


Special Events

We frequently host a variety of special events such as Restorative Aerial Yoga, Beginner Aerial Yoga, and workshops to master skills such as handstands! Click on the button below to view upcoming events.

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