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Early Childhood Group Piano Course


 This class offers a unique and developmentally appropriate setting for young children to learn piano in a small group. Class activities emphasize a sound before sight approach where students move, create, and play songs by rote at the piano.

Girl Practicing Piano

Course Features

Small class sizes

Developmentally appropriate for young learners, with a focus on listening before reading

Movement activities to support music and piano skills

Students learn to create their own music

Opportunities for duet and ensemble playing

New offerings throughout the year so you can take a break for the summer, sport seasons, etc. 

Spring 2024 Offering

Tuition is $300 for 13 classes

Current series is for ages 5-6

We meet Saturdays from 10:30-11:15 at the Yoga Art Space Studio


Classes run from January 27 to April 27 with no class on April 6. If a class needs to be canceled by the instructor, the revised end date will be May 4.

A parent or adult should attend with the student. 

Teacher Playing Piano
Piano Lesson

Learn More & Apply

Click the button below to download the application packet to learn more about this course and to apply. 

Anticipated 2024 Schedule

Click the button below to view the anticipated schedule of classes for 2024

About the Teacher

Brittany Prall is New Mexico born and raised. She started learning how to play the piano in elementary school under the influence of her mother. Music, especially the piano, has since become her passion.


Brittany is a graduate of the University of New Mexico in Music Education. Under the direction of several professors, Brittany created and taught a new class at the UNM Music Prep School, entitled "Music Moves for Piano," based on the curriculum of Marilyn Lowe. This class filled the void for a developmentally appropriate approach to piano instruction in early childhood. 


Brittany has also taught group piano at the Sandia Preparatory School's Summer Prep program and was an Elementary General Music teacher in Albuquerque Public Schools until the birth of her daughter. 


Brittany believes that learning music is like learning a language. Just as children first learn by being immersed in language, then interact with native speakers, and eventually learn to read and write, she believes that music learning follows a similar sequence. Her piano classes feature music immersion, small group interaction, creativity and improvisation, and a sound before sight approach. 


Many of her teaching practices are based on the learning sequences of Dr. Edwin Gordon's Music Learning Theory. She continues to expand her understanding of how children learn music as a member of the Rocky Mountain chapter of the Gordon Institute for Music Learning (GIML). She has received Elementary General Music certification from GIML and applies this knowledge by making music with her daughter daily. 


In her free time, Brittany loves to craft, cook, listen to audio books, and watercolor paint. She enjoys the beauty and cuisine of the southwest. She loves to attend in-person and virtual concerts with her husband and together they are learning to play the organ. 

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