Martial Arts and Knee Pain: How Kung Fu Helped Me

Many people suffer from joint pain. Whether it is from arthritis, inflammation or actual physical damage it is a very common thing and can affect your every day life. I have had my share of these trials. I am a very active male of 30 and throughout the years I have suffered multiple injuries including dislocations to both my knees several times, I have broken both ankles, had hip dysplasia and plantar fasciitis. I have had two knee surgeries and I can fill a duffle bag with the amount of braces and wraps I’ve accumulated over the years. And all this is just the injuries I’ve suffered to my legs. Every time I endured one of these incidents it was both painful and debilitating because it robs

A Glimpse at Western Yoga in the 60s

Yoga has only recently become big thing here in the west, mostly over the past 20 or so years. I have been practicing since the 90s, but was surprised to learn that some of my very conservative and religious relatives were apparently practicing yoga as early as the mid-60s. While at a memorial last summer, I was walking through the library of a long-deceased relative’s home and noticed a well-worn book called Psycho-Yoga by physician Dr. B. Edwin. You can see if pictured below, and even purchase it here if you like. Practice-Mind- Control/dp/0722505434. The well-worn little book had clearly been picked over many times, a fact that surprised me given that

Reminders From the Yoga Classroom

Do you remember what it was like to begin your yoga journey? How hard it seemed to allow the mind to become blank? How awkward it was to move with a sense of balance and control? Do you remember what it was like when your ego stepped aside, and you realized your full capacity as a yogi? How relaxed your life had become? After years of practicing yoga, I seemed to have forgotten, or maybe took for granted the struggles of beginning my yoga practice, and the beauty this beginning brought into my life. Luckily, high school students, who I have the pleasure of teaching yoga to three times a week, recently reminded me of this forgotten beauty. I would like to present these to you, so that maybe

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