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‘‘You do yoga? Wow, I have always wanted to try yoga, but I'm not that flexible.” This was a statement I claimed for many months and those months eventually turned into years. One day I broke. I knew yoga was something I had to try. After my third class I was in tears on my mat. Why did I wait for so long? It was clear that my spirit was looking for this long before my mind was. Once I started having a daily yoga practice and people knew it, I began to hear this: “You do yoga? Wow, I have always wanted to try yoga, but I'm not that flexible.’’ "HMM? interesting!" I would think. So it wasn't just me who had this thought. I believe many people's souls are craving this practice, but for reasons

Meditating With Art

I’ve recently developed a new hobby, and it has already devoured my entire attention. I’ve started painting! I know, I know, what’s the big deal? Well, for an engineer like me who has spent her entire life studying and applying math and science, creating art is a huge divergence. And I am loving this divergence! Why am I so addicted to creating art? For me, art is not only a creative outlet, it is a sort of meditation. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines meditation as an activity “to engage in mental exercise (such as concentration on one’s breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness.” And I believe that art achieves th

Turning "Awesome" into a Tidal Wave of Positivity!

Has it ever occurred to you why the catchphrase "AWESOME" has grown to be so commonplace in our language these days? It's not just an American thing either. Across the seas in foreign tongues people are saying, "Wow! That's awesome!" Even if they're just referring to a frozen pizza! It's because we tend to verbalize IE intellectualize those things that are absent in the heart. That's why it comes so natural for us in common language to say, "I love this" or "I love that" even though we may just be referring to a television show. So, when was the last time you truly and intensely felt real love..? We talk a lot about what we would "like" to be feeling; about that which is actually not curren

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