Monday Morning Meditation: Cleansing Light

We all know that Mondays are hard, so we're presenting to you a Monday Morning Meditation to help brighten your day and give you the passion and energy to continue strongly through the rest of the week! This meditation is on practicing minimalism through allowing a cleansing ball of light within to clean the body, the mind, and the spirit. In this way, we declutter our energy and our personal space!

Tips to Relieve Nerves & Gain Confidence

There are many areas where students at the Yoga Art Space Studio & Mantis Kung Fu Academy may experience a great amount of fear. For instance, after gaining a strong foundation, students attending Kung Fu will eventually experience an amount of sparring or being thrown. Students attending yoga classes may eventually be asked to go into inversions where the head is below the level of the heart and the weight of the body is balancing upright (such as a headstand, a forearm stand, or a handstand). Likewise, as we will shortly be adding Aerial Yoga onto our schedule, there will be times when we hang upside down and let go of the hammock with our hands, free floating above the ground. Any of thes

Talk on Minimalism

Hello and thank you for joining me! My name is Whitney and I am starting a new tradition of posting a mini talk like this one once weekly regarding a yoga theme of the week. In this way, we can kick off the week right! My intention with these talks is to help us all begin to live life a little bit more consciously and to even raise the level of our consciousness together. In these talks, I may pull from any number of sources in my life-- I am a Mormon and I love my faith, I was a biology major in college, I am in love with yoga and I own a the Yoga Art Space studio in Albuquerque, NM, I am a woman, I am a wife, I am passionate about bringing creativity into all aspects of life and so I am a

Aerial Yoga Coming Soon!

That's right! Within the next month, we will begin offering Aerial Yoga classes at Yoga Art Space in addition to all the regular classes you've come to love! Because of that, this week we've decided to share a special blog post talking about the benefits of Aerial Yoga! Aerial yoga is the fusion of traditional yoga movements with modern postures using a silk hammock. Is aerial yoga just another trendy yoga thing? Or can aerial yoga allow us to access a different kind of benefit that isn't as accessible in a regular yoga class? Keep reading to find out! Because of the support of the hammock against the body, Aerial Yoga can make certain difficult yoga postures such as inversions and heart ope

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