Why We Love Savasana

We’ve all been there, that moment when we get to lie flat, absorbing the energy from our practice, eyes closed, breathing softly, relaxed. We’ve all been there, allowing the body and the mind to come together, in a state of calm and bliss. We’ve all been there, feeling the gentle support of your mat and the earth, holding you in this precious state. We’ve all been there, deeply enjoying savasana. Why is it that we enjoy svasana so much? What does being in that state of calm, quiet, and stillness do for us? How can something so simple provide us with such complex results? Let’s explore. To begin, let's take a look at the word savasana. Savasana can be translated to mean corpse pose. The goal

Gratitude for the Grieving Goddess

Lately I have been far from the studio in both body and mind, but never in spirit. The thing that keeps me feeling connected is reading our awesome blog. Whitney we are grateful to you!!On the other side of that coin, having suffered two very profound losses in a short period of time, I felt a twinge of additional sadness knowing that our Sage has left us for literally greener pastures. Back to Washington he goes. Sage you are awesome in every way. May the journey be filled with daily joy, gratitude, and moments of awe! Joy, gratitude, and moments of awe would seem to be practices reserved for the happy and optimistic among us, right? Actually, these practices are even more useful for those

How Yoga Helps Me Unite The Chakras (and How it Can Help You Too)

At Yoga Art Space, we have a book club and we are finishing up an extremely educational book called Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith. This book teaches about the 7 major chakras in the body, one by one. Each chakra represents certain life lessons and depending on your life experiences, a given chakra may become excessive or deficient (or even a combination of both since the chakras represent many aspects of who we are). In the conclusion of this book, Judith summerized how readers can work to open the chakras without overwhelming themselves. I learned that there are several different directions we can take to work through the chakras. When in doubt, we can always work from the roo

The Importance of Savasana

If you’ve taken a yoga class, then you are familiar with Savasana (a.k.a. corpse pose). This is the pose practiced at the end of class, typically for several minutes. You simply lie down on your back with palms faced up, eyes closed, and allow your entire body to relax. A lot of us think, “What good does lying on my back do?” or “I’m really busy today, so I’ll just skip Savasana.” So, while all the other students are preparing to relax deeply, we start rolling up our mats. I’m here to tell you to never skip Savasana because it is the most important pose of your entire practice! Savasana allows your body and mind to integrate all of the benefits of your yoga class. Physically, your entire

Finding Your Mantra

So often we spend our time thinking and worrying about what we don’t want, rather than letting our focus be on the abundance and love we can create. I once heard a great story from a teacher that goes like this: There was a woman that had a deep desire for something more in her life. She felt she must find a great teacher to help her find the way, so she decided to go on a long journey all the way across the world to find this teacher. After many days of traveling, she arrived at the steps of a temple where one of the most renowned and respected teachers lived. She had to wait a long time in line to see this great teacher. She finally got to the front of the line and it was her turn to speak

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