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Finding Your Mantra

So often we spend our time thinking and worrying about what we don’t want, rather than letting our focus be on the abundance and love we can create.

I once heard a great story from a teacher that goes like this:

There was a woman that had a deep desire for something more in her life. She felt she must find a great teacher to help her find the way, so she decided to go on a long journey all the way across the world to find this teacher. After many days of traveling, she arrived at the steps of a temple where one of the most renowned and respected teachers lived. She had to wait a long time in line to see this great teacher. She finally got to the front of the line and it was her turn to speak with the Guru. (By the way, one of the meanings of Guru is the dispeller of darkness. When light and awareness are brought into the darkness, it lights everything up. This is also true of our inner Guru or teacher; as we bring light in, we tap deeper in to our inner Guru and then dispel the veil of unawareness).

Being in the presence of this great Guru, she got her courage up and began to ask the question her heart was carrying. She said, “Great teacher what is my Mantra?” ( Mantra has many different meanings but one that I appreciate is a phrase or word that brings you into a deeper state of connection with the divine. Breaking it down a bit more “Man" means mind and “tra" means transport or vehicle. An instrument of the mind, a powerful sound or vibration that you can use to enter a deeper state of meditation.)

The Guru paused for a long time and then with a smile on his lips, he said, "Your Mantra is THANK YOU".

The woman was confused, disappointed and even a little upset. She replied “I came from thousands of miles and waited in line for hours to ask you this question and you reply with thank you!? Thats It???”

The Guru looked lovingly at her and said, "No, my dear, your old Mantra was "That's It.” Your new Mantra is "THANK YOU". Say this new mantra with feeling in everything you do." As she left the temple and put her shoes on she said “Thank you”. As she got in to the taxi to go to the airport she said “ Thank you”. When her feet stepped onto the plane to return home she smiled and really felt her new Mantra as she repeated it with tears in her eyes "THANK YOU.”

Our minds are filled so often with a "THAT'S IT" kind of attitude. Let us begin to change that with a simple shift in perspective and begin to embody the Mantra "THANK YOU". This is the first step of bringing our lives into a deeper state of joy and gratitude. This teaching is always in our heart, but sometimes we need a little reminder. I read a friend's book recently that was a book on gratitude. One of the teachings in this book is the act of repeating the Mantra Thank you 100 times a day. I decided to apply this technique while washing the dishes. What I found was that I took more time being mindful as I was repeating Thank You. Once I got to 100, I couldn’t help but continue. The next thing I knew, I was singing to the beat of the music in the room with my own lyrics that just happened to be THANK YOU. My dear friends and teachers, let's begin to make Thank You our Mantra and let Thank You be the beat of our lives. Let us remember life is a practice not a perfect, just keep practicing. Much Love, Brian You can find Brian teaching monthly workshops at Yoga and Art Space. Brian also works with First responders and incarcerated youth with Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) and Mindfulness. Contact him @ Facebook Brian Matzke Yoga Or his Wellness and Yoga Retreats website

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