Yoga As/Is Language

The encounter of language provokes insight on its nature and function and how its structures and creativity underlie expression, art, and systems. Language is a means for communication based on consentual and mutually understandable symbols/signs of communication between individuals. One may even ask whether language exists without interlocutors within the individual experience of expression, as in art or dance forms. Taking into account the function of language as the means produce or elicit meaning, the transfer of this principle into a study of the body with respect to yoga, is completely possible. What would yoga be without the Body? Within the esoteric studies, yoga as a practice is fir

Success on the Yogic Path

What does success and Yoga have in common? Isn’t yoga just another way to get some exercise? Or how could Yoga make me happier? These may be questions or thoughts you’ve had about Yoga. In order to truly succeed on the Yoga (for inner awakening, self realization, and experiencing total Yoga), surrendering unconditionally to the teachings and guidance follow these five important steps. Ancient Indian texts say that there are five very important ingredients and qualifications to receive the total success on the path of ultimate Yoga which are as follows: Anushansan (Discipline): Discipline is commonly understood as following the rules and regulation imposed by others, but Anushansan in Yog

Designated Month of Love

The month of February is full upon us, and as we persist through this designated month of love, I firmly believe that there is no greater time than now to turn that love inward. The base of love: unconditional, outward and pure, begins with love of the self. Begin to turn your focus to the heart center, the location of the fourth chakra. Bringing your attention here will allow you to tune out and tap in to the balance and the spiritual awakening you can experience while remaining firmly grounded. A few things to note: first, the colors of the fourth chakra are green and pink. By focusing, visualizing, and harnessing the power of these colors you help to engage the heart in opening to self

The Road to Happiness

The Road to Happiness is a journey of getting "unstuck" from the mind and rediscovering the joy of pure beingness. (As a funny side note, my spellcheck just attempted to change "pure beingness" to cure meaninglessness). And, it's in those moments when we feel connected with our source that we feel a true meaning-fullness in life. One of the definitions of the word yoga is to be "yoked" or connected with Source. And, anything that creates this connection for you is yoga. Be it singing, dancing, mountain biking or praying. That which connects you with Source is yoga. Marianne Williamson said in her book, "A Return to Love" that God is like electricity you need to get plugged in to feel it. Ce

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