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The Road to Happiness

The Road to Happiness is a journey of getting "unstuck" from the mind and rediscovering the joy of pure beingness. (As a funny side note, my spellcheck just attempted to change "pure beingness" to cure meaninglessness). And, it's in those moments when we feel connected with our source that we feel a true meaning-fullness in life.

One of the definitions of the word yoga is to be "yoked" or connected with Source. And, anything that creates this connection for you is yoga. Be it singing, dancing, mountain biking or praying. That which connects you with Source is yoga. Marianne Williamson said in her book, "A Return to Love" that God is like electricity you need to get plugged in to feel it.

Celebrate the journey you are on where ever the path of life has brought you. And, you'll find the Road to Happiness is the road itself.

Om Nama'

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