Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

Greetings yogis! I’m here to chat about the basics of essential oils and aromatherapy. Something about the beautiful scent of essential oils always completes my yoga practice. I've used essential oils growing up, but not very regularly. I've always been interested in learning about the specifics of each oil, how they're blended, and the different uses each one has to offer. For example, about five years ago, I used to suffer from insomnia and sleeplessness. I went to the doctor several times and was prescribed medication, which made me feel like a zombie, so I quickly discontinued that remedy. Instead, I decided to practice yoga more regularly, drank more tea, started meditating, and practic

What is an Ashram?

Ashram or Ashrama comes from ‘Aa’ which means to come and Shrama, which means “making a meaningful effort in the path of Self-realization” or “selfless action” through Karma Yoga. Often an Ashram is the place or group of people who are together acquiring higher knowledge and realizing the “True Self”. Inner divinity awakens by dissolving ego in selfless actions. In ancient India, seekers of knowledge would travel to enter into an Ashram. An Ashram in not intended to be a luxury resort or hotel or even a retreat, but rather a place for purification, learning, and attaining higher knowledge by dedication, devotion, and selfless action. An Ashram is not a place to fulfill your desire, lust

Yoga: The Always Friend

Recently, I've discovered that the events of life are gifts of the universe. Their diversity is great, their emotional sensations are sometimes greater, and once more I've rediscovered the healing powers of yoga. It's been proven that the body holds tension and stress after a trauma occurs. However great or slight the trauma may be, both the physical and the energetic body feels that disturbance. It may seem that everything is out of sync; your head doesn't know where it wants to settle, your heart may be pained, and your body might just begin to feel...heavy. The thing to do in such a situation is return to your breath, so your mind can return to your body and you can once more connect to y

Unconditional Laughter & Our True Nature

The journey of yoga is 1st to return to Nature. 2nd to return to Nature. And, 3rd to return to Nature. And, there are many rivers and streams that all flow in the direction of our unconditioned true nature. One such river is the dynamic meditation of what is referred to as Laughter Yoga. The essence of this technique of yoga is spontaneous playfulness. To awaken what I refer to as the "unconditioned true nature" of the self it is helpful to participate in activities which are supportive of the spontaneous exploration of sensations. Such as Hatha & Ha' Ha' Yoga! :). Unconditional Laughter has the effect of opening our hearts to experience a deeper awareness of the presence of love and light t

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