Kung Fu: Frequently Asked Questions

With us offering martial arts classes starting this week (November 1st), we figured now would be a perfect time to discuss some frequently asked questions regarding Kung Fu! What is Kung Fu? The term "kung fu" is broad, but can be applied as "effort gained through hard work." In relation to martial arts, this means that we put in the effort to understand how to move in order to gain ability in fighting, increase our health, and focus our minds. Ok, but does it work? Absolutely, but only if you train it properly. 8 Step Mantis in particular is very effective with the mantis' drawing in ability combined with devastating hand and leg strikes, throws, and joint locks. There is a period of tim

Reworking Your Morning Routine

Do you remember that first cold morning of October? That crisp chill so sweet, inviting smell. New seasons are always invigorating! Then there is the next morning, a little colder than the first followed by the next even more cold than the last. As you start to wake every fall morning, the sun starts to rise later, but you do not. Days turn into flashes of hot and cold and your warmth starts to drift away. Right now, take a breath and find that heat within yourself. Where does that heat stem from and where can we find the best new way of cultivating that heat in ourselves? As the days start to grow cooler we can start to grow warmer. The chill of early mornings in mid October seem to creep a

Looking for Gratitude in all the Seemingly Wrong Places

The world is getting scarier and scarier and I don’t mean Halloween. From Charlottesville to Houston to Puerto Rico to Northern California, times are tough. And, you know what they say about people in tough time, right? When times get tough, the tough get tougher. This requires garnering deep and abiding personal resilience; resilience that comes from self-care and from gratitude for what is rather than regrets about what isn’t. The world’s problems have caused me to stop and think a bit more about my own, admittedly more minor, life disappointments. We all have them. These disappointments often contain unexpected silver linings, though it can take a while to recognize them as such. When th

Stages of Growth

Autumn is coming on more fully every single day and the leaves are turning colors all around us. One of the energies of autumn is the harvesting of the fruits of the labor for the year in preparation for the more reflective winter seasons to come. In this spirit, I'd love to announce a few of the stages of growth we are getting close to harvesting at Yoga Art Space (with the some aspects still being a seed to plant and cultivate next season). Stage 1 This is our stage of continual upkeep, advertising, and efforts to provide the best quality of teaching and service to the yoga community. Paramount to this success of this step is the development of the Yoga Teacher Training School that we will

How to Stick to Health and Fitness Routines No Matter the Season

For some people, it is easier to work out during certain times of the year than others because of the weather, busy work seasons, busy home lives, or just life in general. But, if you want to be more consistent with your health and fitness routines and stay on track to reach your goals no matter the season, you’ll need to make a more concerted effort to adopt healthy habits throughout the year. Our tips will help you make a year-round healthy lifestyle a reality. 1. Change Your Mindset One of the first steps you need to take to stick to health and fitness routines no matter the season is to change the way you think about health and fitness. Rather than starting a diet or starting a workout r

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