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Yoga: The Always Friend

Recently, I've discovered that the events of life are gifts of the universe. Their diversity is great, their emotional sensations are sometimes greater, and once more I've rediscovered the healing powers of yoga.

It's been proven that the body holds tension and stress after a trauma occurs. However great or slight the trauma may be, both the physical and the energetic body feels that disturbance. It may seem that everything is out of sync; your head doesn't know where it wants to settle, your heart may be pained, and your body might just begin to feel...heavy. The thing to do in such a situation is return to your breath, so your mind can return to your body and you can once more connect to your grounding energy. I've found that the best way to do what may seem like a difficult or confusing task is to just allow yourself to take it one breath at a time. Find a comfortable and supported space for your body to be in, breathe, and allow whatever is to be. Allow your mind and your body to find clarity; allow them to create space for growth and renewal. In the is space, when it's time, begin to move. Allow your breath to be your guide, flowing in whatever way feels natural. Connect your mind, your body, and your breath. Connect with yoga. For that is what yoga is, the union of breath and body; a friend that will be there wherever, and whenever you are. Happy Breathing, Meagan

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