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Designated Month of Love

The month of February is full upon us, and as we persist through this designated month of love, I firmly believe that there is no greater time than now to turn that love inward. The base of love: unconditional, outward and pure, begins with love of the self. Begin to turn your focus to the heart center, the location of the fourth chakra. Bringing your attention here will allow you to tune out and tap in to the balance and the spiritual awakening you can experience while remaining firmly grounded.

A few things to note: first, the colors of the fourth chakra are green and pink. By focusing, visualizing, and harnessing the power of these colors you help to engage the heart in opening to self love and love for all. This love, deep and eternal, has two aspects or forms in its entirety. The first is the feminine/mother/pink energy and the second is the masculine/father/green. Secondly, the affirmation for the heart center and fourth chakra is, "I want to give and receive love." This allows you to tap into the center of compassion; the center of the ability to let the ego go and relate to all livings things in equal measure. Thirdly, you are most vulnerable in your heart chakra. Allow yourself to identify and fully experience the hurts and losses of life, as well as the the absolute truths and gains. Mending the heart brings great healing. Flowing from your heart energy allows the entire body to become full. As you begin to open the heart and create space and understanding for the self, you also create space for others. So take this time, this month of love, to focus on the coursing flow of appreciation, gratitude, and self love that is inherent and ever present in your being. Allow this to flow and expand from your very toes to the tips of your fingers. Exude this self love, and in turn reap the benefits of all the love you receive in turn.


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