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Laughter is the Best Meditation

Yoga as I have experienced in my life is any activity or circumstance that connects us with our Source. In The Yoga sutras of Patanjali "yoga" is defined as the suspension (or arrest) of the fluctuations of the mind. By this definition yoga is synonymous with meditation. Anything which suspends the restless chattering of the mind and brings us to a place of inner stillness and peace IS meditation.

Laughter Yoga is the yoga of compassion in action and is based on the premise that the joy and happiness we experience in our lives will be in direct proportion to the joy and happiness we bring to others. In many yoga class circumstances we go to class with either a conscious or subconscious expectation of what we will get or achieve from it. In Laughter Yoga we arrive open to the possibilities of expressing the gifts we have to share with others. Where Hatha Yoga focuses on balancing the energies of the physical body and has beneficial results for the mind and emotions. Laughter Yoga works on balancing our emotional energies and has a harmonizing effect in our body and mind. Two sides of the same coin!

Sooooooo, why is Laughter meditation..?

It generally requires some form of catharsis to clear the blocks from our body/mind to get into this place we once knew as children and lived in naturally. We've all heard the saying, "Laughter is the BEST medicine." Certainly it is for areas of our life where we may be suffering from "seriousitis"! That's an inflammation of seriousness about our selves! Which may lead to any number of stress-related disorders such as fatigue, anxiety, depression and the " down turned smile!" :(

For me the practice of "Laughter Yoga" grounds me in the present moment and enhances my connection with other people and the world in a very immediate and profound way. Thus I say, "Laughter is the BEST meditation!"


PS- Sage will be hosting a Laughter Yoga donation based class on New Years at 3pm at Yoga Art Space. Don't miss it!!!

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