Aid For Your Joyful Journey

When we let it, life can become such a drag! When we're caught up in the drama of life and in the imperfectness of our role in it, we create an unenviable situation for ourselves. We all need to take time out of the repetative humdrum of our existence to remind ourselves that life doesn't have to be borning at all! Because of that, this post is a shameless discussion of various offerings Yoga Art Space provides to help you get a chance to experience something fresh and new in your life! Going along with the June Jokes we've been posting on social media, we hope this month can be the most fun one you've had in a while!

1) Aerial Yoga

If you haven't tried our our Aerial Yoga classes yet, you're missing such a great opportunity to feel like you're on the playground! As I teach these classes, it is an extremely common occurrence to catch individuals smiling like a giddy child who just got ice cream from the ice cream truck! I compare this to the stereotypical serious faces of students in my regular yoga classes struggling during a challenging balance pose. In aerial yoga we find ourselves learning what it feels like to trust our weight into something else. We experience the beauty of creating fantastic new pose possibilities with our bodies. The best part is that in hanging upside down, our bodies get to receive the multitude of benefits of inverting. One such important benefit is the reduction of stress hormones in the body. Ending in a supported floating shavasana pose feels like the comfort of a warm embrace. Not sure you can handle the full class? Join our monthly floating yoga nidra class where you simply lay in a hammock as you are guided through an hour long meditation session.

2) Laughter Yoga

In this monthly donation based workshop we practice laughter exercises until it becomes actual laughter. This class focuses on unconditional laughter and deep breathing while moving the body in play. It is open to all levels and all ages and is the fastest and easiest way to improved health on so many levels. The immune, respiratory, digestive, and cardiovascular systems all receive fantastic benefits. Emotional, mental, and physical health are all boosted just by laughing. This is a highly energizing, extremely easy, and fun class. It can be used as a resource for creativity and problem solving. Allow the experience of the power of joy to transform your life.

3) Monthly Charity Events- June: Good Ol' Fashioned Country Hoedown

This hoedown is an excuse to come togethe